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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

The first steps in determining the feasibility of constructing a Hardened Structure in a specific location is to completely understand the Client's priorities/goals/budget, thoroughly examine the site and its surroundings, be fully aware of all regulatory agencies having jurisdiction and to conduct a full Risk Assessment. Once this information has been assimilated, the development of the Hardened Structures Feasibility Study can be completed and submitted. This study is a condition precedent to establishing a Program of Requirements, which then allows the Client to modify the Program or continue to the next phases. The planning, design and construction of a Hardened Structure is technically specific and complex and is executed through the following phases;

Stated simply, a Hardened Structure is where you go when external forces are threatening your life. In most disasters the first 48 hours are the most critical to survival and many lethal ancillary conditions develop so quickly that there is little or no time for preparedness.

Feasibility Study,   Design Documents,   Pre-Construction,   Client Move-In,   Management Plan,   Permitting (if requested),   Construction,   Systems Orientation

Because it is impossible to protect against all threats and hazards, adopting a balanced approach in designs that considers intended functions, threat mitigation and budget is imperative. There is no one-size-fits-all and there is no formula of security features and programs that will ensure 100% safety against all violent attacks or natural disasters. Designers and owners must understand the limitations of designed facilities and proposed countermeasures. Mitigating measures or countermeasures are specified to meet a particular anticipated threat, not all possible threats.

At Hardened Structures of Georgia we design your facility to achieve Balanced Survivability, ensuring that no one system or component is the "weakest link." No matter if it is nuclear war, armed assaults, 2012 or any civilization altering scenario, our experienced team of engineers and scientists can confidentiality design and covertly construct your facility efficiently and cost effectively anywhere in the world.