Underlying Assumptions - Hardened Structures of Georgia Name

Underlying Assumptions

Underlying Assumptions

The U.S. National Response Plan (NRP) developed the following Underlying Assumptions for Catastrophic Incidents, and they describe the likely effects/aftermath of a Major Event occurring in the United States. Hardened Structures acknowledges these Assumptions within their designs:

Assumption For Major Events

  • May occur at any time with little or no warning.
  • May involve single or multiple geographic areas.
  • Require significant information sharing at the classified and unclassified levels across multiple jurisdictions and the private sectors.
  • May overwhelm capabilities of State, local and private-sector infrastructure owners and operators.
  • May result in numerous causalities, fatalities, displaced people and property loss.
  • May cause a disruption of normal life support systems, food availability and basic infrastructure.
  • May disrupt essential public services leading to uncontrolled fires and lawlessness.
  • May involve multiple, highly varied hazards or threats.
  • May attract an influx of spontaneous volunteers and supplies.
  • May attract an influx of spontaneous vendors, contractors, profiteers and criminals.
  • May have significant international impact and/or require significant international resource coordination and/or assistance.
  • May impact critical infrastructures across several sectors.
  • May require forced evacuation or extended shelter-in-place.
  • Can span the spectrum of incident management to include prevention, protection, response and recovery.

A Hardened Structure Feasibility Study typically takes one week to complete. We meet with the Clients, examine the site, do a preliminary investigation and prepare a budget. The cost will average between $3k and $5k plus travel and expenses.