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When An Event Occurs

When An Event Occurs

Stated simply, a Hardened Structure is where you go when external forces are threatening your life. In most disasters the first 48 hours are the most critical to survival and many lethal ancillary conditions develop so quickly that there is little or no time for preparedness.

Terrorism is real; it's evolving and continues to increase in frequency and lethality throughout the world. Terrorism and physical attacks on the U.S. population have continued to increase in the past decade. All U.S. intelligence agencies now agree that it is not a question of "if" but "when" the next terrorist attack will occur. As 9-11 demonstrated, the geographical isolation of the United States is no longer a sufficient barrier to prevent an attack on its citizens or cities. The unyielding, tenacious and patient nature of the terrorists targeting our country requires us to plan, design and build facilities that deter and mitigate their efforts. Today, terrorist attacks can impact anyone, at any time, at any location and can take many forms.

The evidence of Global Warming and Climate Change is now clear and convincing. The Earth's surface is continuing to warm which will lead to extreme weather, intense flooding, droughts, heavier and more frequent storms, melting of glaciers, ecosystem degradation, food shortages, fresh water shortages and expansion of infectious diseases. If allowed to continue unchecked, Global Warming represents the gravest threat to mankind's continued existence.

Hardened Structures identifies the best and most cost-effective threat mitigation measures for each Client's unique security/survivability needs and incorporates this into a Balanced Survivability Assessment (BAS). Balanced survivability is a condition wherein no significant facility failure mode has been overlooked or its importance understated, thus the facility has no "Achilles Heel." This approach provides a rational basis for decision making to identify which risks should be mitigated first, select the best mitigation options, and define priorities in a context of the Client's resources. Balanced survivability exist for a facility when all critical subsystems and resources required for accomplishing the facility's mission are equally survivable at a specified threat.

Utilizing guidelines and design standards established by the United States Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Department of State and the stringent Swiss Directives for Shelters, we employ the Multi-Hazard Engineering methodologies to determine the best design for our Client's unique requirements.

Hardened Structures are designed by registered, specially trained Architects and Engineers. We employ Solar/Alternative energy specialists so the facility can operate off the power grid and former Military Special Forces personnel for site-specific threat analysis and responses. We are also available to consult with and assist a Client's architect and/or facility staff.

Hardened Structures are special, and so are the people who choose them. These facilities are designed to be your fortress; they offer independent living and they serve as a stand-alone habitat to protect and sustain its occupants. Every design reflects the visions and priorities of its owner, yet bears an unmistakable architectural signature that life, safety and sustainability were design goals from the beginning.