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U.S. State Department DDTC Registered. Full I.T.A.R. Compliant

The EMP Engineering team is dedicated to the analysis, design, fabrication and installation of specialized shielding, components and systems to mitigate the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Pulse and Geomagnetic Storms on buildings, vehicles and structures world-wide. Our Team of highly skilled professional engineers, project managers and fabricators have worked on military, government and private projects world-wide.

EMP Engineering is a division of Hardened Structures Hardened Shelters LLC

Our services include:

Professionally Engineered HEMP/EMP/GMS Mitigation Solutions

Custom HEMP Shielding Fabrication, Installation and Project Management.

Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) Solutions that integrate with Architectural, Structural, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering services to create a secured and safe shelter / bunker environment - By Design.

Full Service Professional Architectural, Engineering Solutions and Products for Hardened Facilities including CBRE (chemical, biological, radiological, explosive) Filters, Structural Engineering, Blast Engineering and Electrical/Mechanical Engineering.

Engineering Solutions to keep your designed environment effective against evolving threats now and in the future

32,000 sf Manufacturing Facility

HEMP Resistant Electrical Generators designed, built and installed to any size

Custom HEMP Shielded Rooms designed, built and installed

Custom Faraday enclosures built to any size


The need exists for comprehensive and effective hardening, hardness verification and hardness surveillance of buildings, facilities, command/control centers, data processing and storage centers, and business continuity centers against the damaging effects of High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP), Geomagnetic Storms (GMS), or transportable High-Powered Microwave (HPM) weapons. The function of these facilities supporting critical time-urgent applications requiring network interoperability and effective physical protections, electromagnetic shielding, Point of entry (POE) protection and related special protective measures. At EMP Engineering we offer cost effective solutions and full manufacturing capabilities for most any type of HEMP/EMP/GMS mitigated facility along with full hardened shelter design/build services. We are dedicated to the design and implementation of robust electromagnetic protection measures – including specialized shielding, components and systems, to mitigate the harmful effects of intentional and unintentional Electromagnetic Pulses and Geomagnetic Storms.

To create a protective electromagnetic-threat facility shield requires an electromagnetic barrier with additional special protective measures that incorporate electrically continuous housings that substantially reduce the coupling of EMP electric and magnetic fields into the protected area. The electromagnetic barrier shall consist of the Facility HEMP Shield and protective devices for all POE's. Additionally, reliability, maintainability, safety and human engineering, testability, configuration management and corrosion control all need to be incorporated to the HEMP protection system design.

To accomplish this goal, a Client specific Vulnerability identification/Hardness Program overview and criticality assessment must be conducted that incorporates design, engineering, fabrication, installation and ongoing effectiveness testing activities to achieve the following:

Provide an electromagnetic threat- protected facility or system design based upon verifiable performance specifications against identified threats that ideally suits the requirements of our clients.

Provides a means of verifying achieved hardness levels through a cost-effective program of testing and analysis.

Develop a maintenance/surveillance program during the procurement phase that supports the Client's operational and life cycle HEMP hardness requirements.

Based on the anticipated threat, facility location and Client's protection program establishes the HEMP configuration baseline consisting of documentation of the physical characteristics of the HEMP protection system, subsystem and baseline performance data.




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